Nicki Minaj doesn't care about her career #RapistBoyfriend

Nicki Minaj proudly went public with her convicted rapist boyfriend Kenneth 'Zoo' Petty, and has been dragged for it ever since. Sis has entered that stage of her career where she simply doesn’t give a single f*ck.

As a matter of fact, Nicki is going harder for her convicted rapist boyfriend than she went for her convicted rapist/pedophile brother. Nicki asserts that her new man can't be a rapist because he was a teen and his victim was his girlfriend. WTF. Geeez... thanks for clearing that confusion about dude not being a child rapist, but a regular rapist instead. Well played, Nicki, and it gets even worse. Petty is also a convicted murderer too after he shot and killed someone (second degree murder charge was changed to manslaughter after he cut a deal.) We thought she was dating the much more respectful Lewis Hamilton. Instead, she's taking ten steps back with this new relationship, and putting her lucrative career at risk. All this for a convicted criminal/father of five. She's a beautiful woman with a highly successful career, so I'm not understanding why she feels the need to settle for less. I guess we live in strange times when rapists and murderers are getting more women than normal guys, and not just women, but the really famous ones too.

The rapper defends her new man on Twitter: