Monday, 16 September 2019

Adele reportedly wants first November single to be happy, upbeat rainbow music...

OK... so let's just pretend this story has an ounce of truth to it (The Sun is not trustworthy, and no one is talking about her music because often times the label is strict about these things leaking), but for now, we'll entertain.

According to The Sun, Adele will supposedly release her new 'upbeat' single in November (a more reliable source says the single will be out in October, but we shall see). The song, which is said to be about her divorce, will be “upbeat, optimistic, reflective of the good times." It's also said to be about "moving on and making new memories by yourself”. Nobody wants this. They want depressive, heartbreaking, warbling Adele. Crying is good for the soul. People need a good cry every now and then. They want something to relate to and to be reminded that they're not the only ones going through a really sad period in their life. Even a reflective 'Lemonade'-style album would be more appealing since she's a BeyoncĂ© stan. I remember when Mary J. Blige first started putting out happy music and people didn't like it. They were like, "giiirl, you need to go back to releasing heartbreak records, cuz this aint it!" The song would probably do well because of the hype machine, but her success was not built on putting out bouncy and happy rainbow music. Adele is reportedly set to drop her new album in December alongside Rihanna and others.