Rihanna set to join Sony/ATV Music Publishing & what it means + we're getting two new albums!

Rihanna is set to reunite with her longtime publisher Jon Platt, when she reportedly makes the move to Sony/ATV Music Publishing. Platt took on the head role of Sony Music company as chairman and CEO earlier this year. Both BeyoncĂ© and Rihanna have worked closely with Platt throughout much of their careers. Rihanna joined Platt at Warner/Chappell (he was CEO from 2015 until taking on the post at Sony/ATV.) Reportedly, she's been working on two albums. One is said to be "a pop/R&B outing and the other a dancehall release." What this basically means is that Sony will license Rihanna’s music to be used in films, commercials and vice versa, as well as ensuring everyone (including writers and producers) get their fair cut. I'm excited about the pop/R&B side, because this is where she excels. And if we get another album like 'Loud,' this will be the icing on my Christmas cake!