Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Britney's new conservator may not have her best interests...

Britney Spears officially has a new conservator. Her name is Jodi Montgomery, who is said to be the singer's long-time "care-manager." Fans are convinced that this care manager is no better because allegedly, she has been involved in conservatorship abuse. The fact that her father was the one who appointed one of his own people (someone he approves), to take over for him until January, is raising a lot of eyebrows. Fans do not trust this care manager. Now she has full custody of Britney Spears. Her father is under investigation for child abuse and has a restraining order against him from her two son's. Her sister Jamie Lynn (who is close to their father) also unfollowed Britney on Instagram. And her psychiatrist Dr Timothy Benson recently passed away after suffering from an aneurysm. Tensions are rife. I hope this care-manager is not a push over. The best course of action? Remove all the money-grabbing leeches, starting with all the people that her father hired.