Tina Turner finally addresses THAT Ike Turner line in Beyoncé’s ❝Drunk In Love.❞

In a brand new interview with The New York Times, the legendary Tina Turner said she wasn’t surprised by Jay Z referencing her abusive ex-husband in Beyoncé's hit single 'Drunk In Love'. 

In the song, he compares himself to Ike Turner and then uses the line, "Eat the cake, Anna-Mae." I remember when the song first came out. There was a massive uproar about it in the media. People were saying this devalues Bey as a feminist because she was being insensitive to domestic violence. No one could understand why Bey would allow those lyrics when Tina has always been her idol. For the record, Tina loves Beyoncé. 

Her disappointment was aimed at Jay Z, and if you've noticed, Jay Z has been getting a lot of criticism lately over his dealings with the NFL. The line was disrespectful, so it serves as no surprise that Tina would be offended by it.