Sunday, 8 September 2019

Little Mix's Jesy Nelson tried to commit suicide...

In an interview for The Guardian, Little Mix's Jesy Nelson revealed some harrowing truths behind the scenes of her early years in Little Mix. She encountered depression, an eating disorder and had attempted suicide. I remember those early days during The X Factor finale when she was tearful on stage, because she was not as thin as her band mates. It definitely didn't help that she was referred to as the "fat" one. It kind of baffled me because her shape was the average size for a woman. I think she was more self conscious of it because in comparison to the other girls, they were textbook supermodel thin, so her curvier figure probably stood out more to her (and others). She was entering an industry where image was considered important because the artist had to be marketable. Previously, the band released a video for their single 'Strip', which promoted body positivity. I'm glad that today she's happy and comfortable to tell her story. It's good she is able to break free and help other people who go through it.