TLC's Chilli gets dragged for shading a young fan...

A young girl tweeted that looks wise, she is often compared to Rozonda 'Chilli' Thomas from TLC. Chilli's response? No, you may have similar hair and skin tone, but no way you look like me. Yiiikes. Chilli indirectly said, "don’t go chasing waterfalls, little girl. Stick to those rivers and eat yo gotdamn food!" Chilli's chilly response wasn't exactly disrespectful, but she didn't have to shatter dreams and shut the young girl down like that (she's a teen that goes to college). When others started dragging Chilli for being so cold, her response was, "I didn't say the girl wasn't pretty." If someone took pride in thinking they looked like me, I'd be flattered. But clearly, Chilli felt some way and only agrees with the look-a-like comparisons if you're Karrueche. She could have offered up some words of encouragement, but thought she had to (unnecessarily) put the younger woman in her place.

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Seems Chilli just doesn't like to be compared unless it's someone she approves of lol.