Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Rihanna serving PURE looks in South Korea...

This week, Rihanna traveled to South Korea to hold her 'Fenty Beauty' makeup classes. She exchanged questions with her fans and tried out her make-up on willing participants. This chick can serve face for real, and if there was ever a way to rock an over-sized pantsuit, this is IT, folks. It's insane how it was only a few days ago that Rihanna hosted two of her own major events in New York. And now she's in Asia holding make-up classes and serving some serious impact. After the tour, she'll probably go quiet because she has an album to drop before the year is out. Sony Publishing has also confirmed the reports that she made the move to their side, so it's now official. Yep yep... exciting times to be a Rihanna fan!