Alicia Keys' 'Show Me Love' gets BORING live treatment on Kimmel.

In case you missed it, Alicia Keys visited ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ earlier this week where she performed her Miguel-assisted new single 'Show Me Love.' It's the second time she performed the track since its debut a month ago. The song was also performed at the Global Citizen Festival in New York's Central Park three weeks ago. Soooo, if you've missed those performances you can check them out right here. The performances kind of fall a little flat. But then, acoustic songs like these don't really translate well across live platforms anyway. I know sitting at her piano has always been her thing, but I need Miguel's drop kicking ass to join her on stage and give these live showings a bit more punch if you know what I mean. During the interview segment, she says she's writing a memoir. Seems like everyone is coming out with an autobiography these days.

I want a real one from Rihanna, and I know Mariah's is going to be quite explosive. But other than being hit with some homewrecker accusations (which saw her goody two shoes image take a major hit), what controversies has plagued Alicia that would actually make me want to sit through a memoir of hers?

Global Citizen Festival: