Ciara busts a move on Ellen.

Legs for daaaays
In case you've forgotten, Ciara is an incredible dancer. We were reminded of that fact during Friday's The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Guest host Justin Hartley challenged her and Stephen 'tWitch" Boss to a game of 'Can tWitch And Ciara Dance...With What's Behind Them.' All they had to do was mimic the moves seen on screen. In some killer stilettos, Ci danced it up to Janet Jackson's iconic 'Rhythm Nation,' to Britney Spears' 'Oops, I Did It Again.' Shortly after, she was grooving to her very own 'Level Up.' You know Ciara wanted to go ham on some of those moves but her tight skirt just wouldn't allow for it. She actually did well considering she was wearing those sky high heels which would have had me in hospital for an entire week if I attempted to do what Ciara just did on that stage, signature Matrix move and all. Every time I look at her million dollar legs, it reminds me why renewing that gym membership is needed. Supermodels don't even have that type of muscle definition in their legs. It's insane. I'm sure Ciara would have loved to give the audience more of a dancefest, but that was not the sole reason why she was there. She was actually there to promote her new show 'America's Most Musical Family,' which will premiere on Nickelodeon on November 1st. Thirty talented families compete for a record contract with Republic Records and a cash prize of $250,000.

During the interview segment, Ci revealed that she now relies on the intuition of her kids to decide on whether she's got another chart-topping hit on her hands. "They’re like my little A&Rs. So when they hear a song, and they can sing it back within the next few hours or right after hearing it, you know you’re onto something right. And that’s how they were with songs like Level Up." Unfortunately, chart-topping hit has not been synonymous with Ciara in like a decade, but at least children in general are good at picking up on catchy songs. Aaaand... who cares about hits these days when Ciara is putting out those feel good tunes we can dance and work out to?

Check out the action below.

Yesterday was also Ciara's 34th birthday, so she decided to give us some of that black girl magic:

Her husband Russell Wilson ordered a flight for two on a private jet and planned a romantic birthday dinner on a flowery yacht:

Another birthday gift: a black Hermès Birkin purse that retails for more than $10,000.

And then earlier this week in West Hollywood (Oct 21st):