Beyoncé & Destiny's Child attend the grand opening gala of Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta...

Tyler Perry officially launched his massive new film studio last night, which saw many of his fellow entertainment industry luminaries show out in support. Beyoncé and her bandmates Destiny's Child (Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams) put in a very glam appearance.

This serves as Bey's first public appearance since her father announced that he was battling breast cancer a week ago. Both Bey and Solange tested negative to a mutated gene linked to a higher risk of breast, ovarian and other types of cancer, following their dad’s breast cancer diagnosis.

According to Mr. Knowles, "Breast cancer has been prevalent in my family. My mother's sister died of breast cancer, my mother's sister's two and only daughters died of breast cancer and my sister-in-law died in March of breast cancer with three kids - a nine, 11- and a 15-year-old - and my mother-in-law had breast cancer. So breast cancer has been all around me. My wife's mother has breast cancer, too."

My mum is also battling breast cancer as well. Then my mum's niece was diagnosed with breast cancer a month after my mum's diagnosis. My mum's aunt passed away from breast cancer years ago and my younger sister had a scare recently but the lump was benign. My mum's youngest sister passed away from blood cancer last year. So cancer definitely runs in my family just like hers. As for genetics, I refuse to worry about something I can't control. The only thing I can do is stay healthy and live my life to the fullest.

But this isn't about me. This is about Bey... aaand... the difference between the edited versions she posted on Instagram and the candids other people posted is insane. Someone is definitely getting fired for allowing this one to circulate:

The rest: