Britney's label allegedly refused bigger video budget for 'Womanizer' because she was "crazy..."

'Womanizer' director Joseph Kahn recalls how her label, Jive Records, (which is now RCA) used Britney's mental state to deny her a bigger video budget for the #1 hit. Their alleged words? “Why would we give more money to a crazy person?”

Classic example of kicking someone when they're down. Her label didn't just throw her under the bus. They threw four more buses on top of her. I find it very telling that her own label would say this about their own artist. In her prime, she made them shitloads of money, but as soon as she started having problems and was no longer on top form, they kind of washed their hands off her. How sad. But then again, this is what record labels do once they feel you have served your purpose. Their support becomes very limited. The music industry is very cut throat, so news like this shouldn't even be a shock any more.