Ciara goes apesh*t for Beyoncé.

Apesh*t is just about right, right Ciara?
OK, before I proceed, can we take a moment to admire Ciara's facial bone structure? The woman is simply stunning. For Halloween, Ci and her husband Russell Wilson transformed themselves into Beyoncé and Jay Z, and absolutely nailed it. Well... at least Ciara did! They were imitating the couple's 'Apesh*t' video, and recreated the clip on a set this week. Bey and Jay weren't the only powerful black couple that got some love. They paid homage to Barack and Michelle Obama, MY President and First Lady (the portrait). I never noticed it before but... Russell's neck looks like a thickset tree trunk! That is the strong neck of an NFL quarterback! He did his best to capture Jay's look, even wearing a wig to mimic Jay's 4C locks. Don't even get me started on his facial expressions. I just can't! I mean, he was completely out of his element but he really REALLY tried. LOL! This is probably as hood as Russell will ever get, and you can tell they had so much fun with this. But then again, they just come across as a fun couple in general. Relationship goals, for sure.

Their laughter is so infectious. It makes you want to go out on double dates or just hang out with them for the day. The Wilsons have the perfect relationship. You can't fake perfection like this. You can't fake the way a man in love looks at his wife. You just can't fake it... unless... a female relative of Ci is caught on camera trying to beat him up in an elevator.