Mariah Carey officially named the new Xmas face of Walkers Crisps. So random!

Twenty five years ago, you would never in a million years put Walkers Crisp and Mariah Carey in the same sentence. This is why today's announcement that she has signed up for the snack firm's seasonal campaign is as random and strange as it gets. I’m not sure why Mariah chose this particular endorsement. It seems totally beneath her, and the crisps deal doesn't really fit her image. Honestly, can anyone actually imagine seeing Mariah eating crisps in a festive advert for Walkers? This is what makes this news very intriguing, and yes, consider me 100% triggered! I wish someone would pay me to eat some crisps. I can do that all day every day if I had to. We all know MC doesn’t do anything without a nice coin attached. Not that she's hurting for money but... get money, bish! This is probably some sort of attempt at trying to finally get that Christmas number one. Who knows, she might just achieve it.

The campaign also coincides with the 25th anniversary of her 'Merry Christmas' album which will be re-released on November 1st. MC also recently announced her 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' tour, named after her hit Christmas single from the album. Statements are as follows.


Wayne Newton, head of marketing at Walkers:

Below is an image of her official Walkers promo:
Merry Crisp-mas!