Tinashe unveils house-pop banger with 'Die A Little Bit' video debut.

New Tinashe song is quite the grower
FKA Twigs, is that you? No? It's got to be the one and only Tinashe with those moves. Ms. Kachingwe dropped the visuals for her new single 'Die A Little Bit' featuring British rapper Ms Banks.

The song, which is influenced by the pop, grunge, and house genres, is lifted from the forthcoming 'Songs for You', her first project since going independent. This is a moody club bop which is kind of reminiscent to Janet’s 'Throb.' It didn't catch these ears instantly, and actually felt a bit try hardy, like she was crashing in on someone else’s vibe and aesthetic. But after a few listens, this is quite cool, although there's some uncertainty in regards to whether this is the hit she's looking for. Maybe she's not aiming for the hit though. Maybe she's just reintroducing herself to the public. Is this the best direction to do so? It's different, it's experimental, and she's kind of taking a page from out of her mixtape days. It is actually those very mixtapes that won her over a legion of fans, and she could very well snag some new ones with this too. So to answer  that question... yes, she did well to embark on this direction. Check out the dancey visuals below.