Nicki Minaj's hubby paid for wedding ring valued at $1.1m. And I'm Michelle Obama.

Sh*t just got weirder. The f*ckery
Nicki Minaj's new husband Kenneth Petty reportedly paid for her diamond wedding ring valued at $1.1 million. Value doesn't always equate cost to be fair, but looking at it you could see it didn't come cheap. Perhaps the headline should read: "Nicki Minaj took sh*tloads of money out of her bank account to purchase her own bloody wedding ring." I hate to see it. Rafaello and Co reveals that Kenneth commissioned them to make their wedding rings, working with them on a design for several months. Nicki's ring boasts a 17-carat center with VVS2-clarity diamonds. The angle her team is going for is that he "paid for it himself." She's clearly trying to make us believe she didn’t marry a bum, but no one's buying it. And that's the main focus that's up for debate here. No one knows the ins and outs of this man's financial affairs.

There's no record of him ever having a reputable job. Matter of fact, he'd have to be dabbling in illegal activities for a number of years to come remotely close to that amount of clout. And this would not be good either way. So on that note, I hope she didn't buy the ring herself. But if she did, she probably would not consider this an L because she'd be a soon-to-be pregnant wife in full power and control of this relationship.