P!nk on Super Bowl halftime show: “They should give it to Janet Jackson.”

In a new cover story interview with Billboard published today, P!nk reveals she was approached to headline the 2019 Super Bowl halftime show. Despite singing the national anthem at the 2018 game, she says the gig no longer appeals to her. NFL’s treatment of former quarterback Colin Kaepernick following his protests of police brutality has been the main reason why stars like Rihanna and Cardi B have publicly announced they would never perform. “I’d probably take a knee and get carried out,” she says in solidarity. Yet, P!nk thinks they should offer the gig to Janet Jackson. “They should give it to Janet Jackson,” she suggests. “That’s who should be doing the Super Bowl. There’s rumblings around J. Lo, Rihanna -- they all deserve it. They should only give it, because of the controversy, to African-American or Latina women for a while.” A few days after this interview took place, the NFL announced Jennifer Lopez and Shakira as the 2020 performers. This was following the NFL and Jay Z's announced partnership, in which the rapper will consult on live entertainment and social-justice initiatives.

Look... I'm sure P!nk means well, but why would Janet even want to? Her nipple was exposed by Justin Timberlake the last time she performed there in 2004. We all know the back story. Justin got off unscathed and no harm came to his career. Janet on the other hand, was royally blacklisted for many years by the entire industry and NFL. It was a full blown media blackout. Justin let her take the fall for his actions and remained silent. I know he was much loved on BET's 106 & Park, and that incident actually got his black card revoked. All of a sudden, black folks no longer wanted to invite him to the cookout. But black audiences were not the dominant buyers of music consumption anyway. No impact really, and the majority of his supporters were die-hard N-Sync fans. Anyway, he released 'FutureSex/LoveSounds' and that album smashed the charts. Remember 'SexyBack'? MTV had that video on heavy rotation 24/7. I couldn't go shopping without hearing that song. It was everywhere! Janet couldn't get her songs played on the radio. MTV and other networks refused to promote her music or allow her to do performances. 'Damita Jo' is such an underrated album, but she couldn't promote it. If NFL did invite her to perform, it would be because they have their own agenda for doing so, and Janet should not give them any leeway. Her treatment was pure sexism, and I'll even throw in racism as well, and I do not use that word lightly.