Rihanna makes history with her latest Vogue cover.

With her new November issue, Rihanna now has the most solo US Vogue covers of any black woman in history (6 in total, and 20 global).

Rihanna and Vogue are synonymous at this point. Her influence on fashion in pop culture is one of the most prevalent events in that field as of late. Many cite her as an influence and Vogue STAYS letting people know as well. It’s just a shame American Vogue hasn’t featured her on ANY September issue (even Beyoncé has two). They gave it to Taylor Basic Swift and then waited until November to give Rihanna a look in. And in case you're wondering why this is such a big deal, the September issue holds a certain prestige in the industry and beyond. That said, Rihanna IS definitely a fashion icon, who makes a huge impact on trends (probably even more than any other musical artist). Let's reflect on the covers that show how great Rihanna truly is.

April issue 2011:

November issue 2012:

March issue 2014:

April issue 2016:

June issue 2018: