Cheryl messed with her face too much and now she looks... OLD.

Her looks was one of the main reasons why Cheryl Tweedy made it into Girls Aloud despite very minimal singing talent. 

But with those looks starting to fade, and a pop career struggling to be revived (Madame Tussards recently admitted they removed her wax figure because she's not relevant any more), what next is on the cards for Cheryl? Well, she's turned herself into a TV personality which is actually a smart move. I was going to say she could have done well as a socialite pretty much like Rita Ora (the woman she reportedly texted in a jealous fit of rage when Rita got close to then boyfriend and sperm donor baby daddy Liam Payne whom she met at 24 and he was 14). But her fashions have been atrocious. Case in point, this is what she wore to the Virgin Atlantic Attitude Awards last night, and all people can talk about is how she ruined her pretty face with all that unnecessary plastic surgery.