Ashanti slept with Irv Gotti, or so he claims. Messy.

Not a shocker, by any means
Ashanti has always kept a dignified silence in regards to whether she was romantically involved with her former mentor and Murder, Inc. label head, Irv Gotti. The rumour was that he was sleeping with her, while he was in an active marriage to his then wife Deb Lorenzo.

And this was when her career was actually popping with massive hits like 'Foolish' and 'Rain On Me' dominating the airwaves. She was beautiful (still is) and 10 years younger than him. Most men would probably have went there if they didn't have a whole wife and kids back home. However, Irv – real name Dominic Lorenzo Jr – defended Ashanti during a sitdown with Wendy Williams and stated she is "not a homewrecker." He insists she had nothing to do with breaking up his marriage. After all, he was separated from Deb. But if he signed Ashanti at 16, and was attracted to her (but didn't act on that until later) then this isn't particularly a good look either. Yes, his wife caught him cheating, but it was with a completely different woman. So he thought he was actually doing something by "defending her honour," when all he did was throw her under the bus. And this was over a fling that happened more than 10 years ago. The man is messy as hell. Truth be told, there was always heavy speculation that their relationship wasn't a professional one. And here are some of the reasons. He allegedly brought a large portion of her albums, dabbled in payola for her hit single 'Foolish' and constantly touted her as the new Princess of Hip Hop & R&B, right after Aaliyah's passing (disrespectful).

No one was labeling her that, but him. I remember hearing this, and thinking, this girl cannot sing and yet she automatically gets this title without having to prove herself. I was baffled. She's improved vocally since then, but I wouldn't rate her as a vocalist. You don't put someone on that type of pedestal unless... you're screwing them. I hate to say it. I can't see her addressing it as I feel she would have said something the first time he claimed their sexual relationship back in 2007. Obviously, they don't speak anymore and are no longer tight like that so it's got to that point where he feels he owes her nothing so yeah... let's throw her under the bus for old times sake.