Nicki Minaj is not here for "the blacks" media coverage.

Nicki Minaj's downward spiral continues
Yesterday, Nicki Minaj had Black Twitter up in flames when she claimed that white people cover her in a better light than black people. In a now deleted tweet (she must have copped some serious heat), Nicki literally referred to black people as “the blacks” (ugh). Her comments come after she criticized Wendy Williams for her not so positive comments about her husband Kenneth Petty. But doesn't Wendy come for everyone's wig? It's part of her shtick, and acknowledging those comments only gives Wendy more clout. Most artists that has a lot going for them pay that woman dust. But then, most artists aren't Nicki Minaj who appears to be easily baited. All Nicki is doing is ostracizing the fans and media support she has left. Like, how is it okay to generalise an entire group (her own people) who has had her back from day one?

When she married a rapist and a murderer, and supported her pedophile brother, the media scrutiny if I recall, was on BOTH sides. Not just the black media. As much as Wendy is disliked, she told no lies. Honestly, how can someone so talented become so damn unlikable over the years?