Kelly Rowland is clearly itching for that Donna Summer role.

Kelly is custom made for Donna Summer role.
Kelly Rowland and Donna Summer look exactly alike, and many people have said that if a biopic was ever made, Kelly should be the number one choice. Actually, if directors tried to cast another actress to play the legendary disco Queen, there would be serious boycotts. 
From what I know, filming for the Spinning Gold Neil Bogart biopic began on July 16th in Montreal. Mr Bogart was a record producer who had a heavy hand in discovering talent like Donna, as well as Gladys Knight and the Isley Brothers. We know that Jazmine Sullivan has officially been cast as Gladys, but casting for the role of Ms. Summer has not yet been announced. 
That is actually weird since the film has been in production for several months now. With Kelly doing Halloween and putting it out into the universe, we can only hope that the directors (Bogart's two sons) are sitting up and taking notice. 
I mean, it probably won't happen since Kelly says she's aiming to release an album at the top of 2020 (unlikely). It would be hard to commit to production while trying to promote a project. But I don't know. It would be a shame not to see Kelly in the role, because she clearly wants it and no one else has such an uncanny resemblance.