Adele's weight loss slammed by critic.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
This is interesting. In a previous post, I wrote about how Political analyst Dr. Boyce Watkins emphasised how Lizzo's obesity should NOT be celebrated.

And yet another Political speechwriter who goes by the name Audra Williams is now saying Adele's weight loss should NOT be celebrated either. Soooo, let's look at both angles. We're not suppose to celebrate a pop singer being overweight but when another overweight pop singer does shed the weight, it is STILL a problem. Contrasting arguments!

Check out Audra Williams' rant below:
I don't think anyone should be criticising anyone's weight loss without knowing that person's weight loss methods or the ins and outs of their weight loss journey. Williams said it herself, "we have no idea how/why Adele lost weight." In deed, we have no idea how she did it (or what medical condition might have caused it as implied), so why is she writing dissertations on Twitter criticizing Adele's weight loss? Makes no sense. Just because YOU lost weight due to an illness doesn’t mean Adele did. I be damned if someone were to SPECULATE and tell me I was unhealthy simply because I shed three stone even though I did it the healthy way via a healthy diet and regular exercise. Who's to say Adele did not use these methods for her weight loss journey? Some are even speculating she might have had gastric band surgery. Regardless of how she did it, she took control and lost the weight and now she's happier for it. Sometimes it's not just about being healthy. Most of the time, a new body can also emanate a new-found confidence in someone. Stop trying to project your own weight loss experience onto someone else, and be happy of the very likely scenario that she made positive changes to her life.