Sunday, 1 December 2019

Beyoncé stuns at the premiere for ‘Queen & Slim.’

Bey offers support to Melina
Last night, Beyoncé supported her friend Melina Matsoukas by attending the screening of Melina's new film 'Queen & Slim.' Melina has directed the music videos for several Beyoncé songs including 'Formation', as well as for Solange's 'I Decided' and 'Losing You.' 

Bey was also assisted by her cousin Angela Beyincé, mum Tina, sister Solange, and Destiny's Child bandmate Kelly Rowland, so it was definitely a family affair. Solange and Kelly also attended previous screenings back in October and mid-November alongside Rihanna. So they came out on multiple occasions for the woman they would now consider a sister, and not just someone they work with professionally. I like Bey's olive green jacket dress, but then I have found myself liking a lot of her fashions lately even though for the regular individual it would take an entire month's wage packet to pay for it.