Pussycat Dolls' first comeback performance is deliciously triumphant.

Fans waited a decade for this
For the first time in a decade, the Pussycat Dolls reunited on The X Factor: Celebrity Final performing a medley of their biggest hits. They performed 'Buttons,' 'When I Grow Up,' and 'Don’t Cha,' as well as their new song 'React.' They will be going on tour in 2020!

Nicole Scherzinger joined Ashley Roberts, Carmit Bachar, Jessica Sutta, and Kimberly Wyatt for the triumphant performance which was all kinds of slayage. This was quintessential Pussycat Dolls. Nearly all of them are in their 40s and have become mothers, but they all preserved their bodies really well. How many complaints do you think Ofcom received last night about how they served Vegas showgirl sass on a Saturday night family show? Melody Thornton isn't  apart of this reunion, sadly. The backstory on that is this; she's planning to drop an upcoming solo EP early next year. In mid-November, she released 'Love Will Return,' her first solo single in seven years. Despite rumours that there was friction between her and Nicole, Melody should have put her solo career on hold to bask in the millions they are all set to make from their comeback music and tour. Let's not pretend money was not a motivation here.

The Spice Girls did it, and there's no shame in that at all. Before their comeback announcement, Mel B was pushing for it more than anyone because apparently, she was on the brink of bankruptcy (allegedly), but I don't believe that for a second. The question is, if Nicole had an epic Beyoncé-style solo career and it didn't flop so horribly, would she have cared about an official reunion? I don't think she'd have pissed on them had they been on fire to be honest. But sometimes, a bit of humble pie is good for the soul, lol.