Britney Spears begs online trolls to stop bullying her.

More setbacks
Britney Spears took to Instagram last night, asking trolls to stop sharing "mean" comments under her Instagram posts. "If you don’t like a post... just keep it to yourself and unfollow that person!!! There’s no reason to ever go out of your way to make mean comments and bully people," she wrote.

Britney intends to go to court next year over her custody arrangement with her ex-husband Kevin Federline. A judge officially cut down Britney's custody of her two sons to 30%  (a mutual agreement, supposedly.) But apparently, Britney now wants to alter the arrangement, which would allow her increased custody time with her kids. I think Britney needs to get off social media completely. These videos are not a good look for her if she's gearing up for a custody battle. A judge will only see a lost soul, not dressed appropriately for her age and looking unwell.

The smudgy eye make-up, disheveled hair, the tiny low-riding shorts, the cringe facial expressions, that big ass stain on her scantily-clad top... a judge will see all of THIS (and some of the videos she posts are quite concerning), and that judge will think, "mentally, she's not quite there yet." Doesn't her mom sit her down and say to her, "look Britney, these videos are not showing you in the best light because people are saying you look crazy"? She sees the comments. She knows what people are saying about her. Every time I see her, I am just reminded of the downside of fame. I hope she can find peace eventually. Embarking on a social media 'Blackout,' or largely limiting her social media engagement would be a good start. At least that way, she can live a happier life away from the limelight of potential criticism.

Her boyfriend Sam Asghari also wades in:
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