Kelly Rowland was at Diddy's 50th too, you know.

The silent partygoer
Nobody would have known Kelly Rowland attended Diddy's star-studded 50th birthday party in Los Angeles if it had not been for some floating video footage. There was not even a single pap shot of Kelly, and no one cared enough to question it. People were obsessing over Beyoncé's appearance, and then, when she finally showed up and the media got their Beyoncé fix, that was pretty much that. I was on the Daily Mail when they first started posting pictures of Jay Z and one of their headlines was:

Where's Beyoncé huh?!

Of course her supposed absence was going to make headlines, because she's Beyoncé and she is considered the star. But as we all know, she DID show up and her appearance was very much publicized. I was actually searching for Kelly's photos and couldn't find any at all. I wanted to do a separate post as I was aiming for a DC3 hat trick over the weekend. I was listening to 'The Writing's On The Wall' and was feeling a little nostalgic. I think it's sad that the only reason why we're seeing Kelly's full look is because she chose to reveal it on Instagram. Otherwise, no one would have known Kelly attended this event. Not even Solange gets overlooked this way.

Is it any wonder Kelly cuts off journalists in interviews whenever they ask her about an album that Beyoncé just dropped? Oh, she knows the deal. Anyway, I will end this by saying that  Kelly is ridiculously underrated in all departments, and it would appear that she co-ordinated her dress with Beyoncé's.
But if you wanted more of your Kelly fix, earlier in the day she attended a Baby2Baby charity event with her husband Tim Wetherspoon and their five-year-old son Titan:
That little boy has Kelly's entire face. Spitting image. So cute!