Mariah Carey talks new music & shades ex-husband Tommy Mottola during Live Q&A.

The look of shade.
Just before the video premiere of her #1 hit single 'All I Want For Christmas Is You,' Mariah Carey participated in a live Q&A with fans. She was asked an assortment of questions mostly to do with Christmas.

A fan had also reminded her that the 25th anniversary of her 'Daydream' album is approaching and if she ever intends on uploading concert footage to commemorate it. Mariah said she only did 10 shows back then, because she was not allowed to leave the house. During that time, she had been unhappily married to Tommy Mottola. A few months ago, she told Cosmopolitan that she felt like a "prisoner" in that "controlling" first marriage. Fans also asked her if she had any plans to release new music next year.

Being careful not to give out any specific details and choosing her words carefully, she admitted that she is in deed thinking about some new music and has spoken with some "very interesting collaborators." My guess is probably Bruno Mars, and that's because I think a collab betweem them could be sooo good. It could probably see MC get her chart mojo back in the general consensus. In another shady response towards her ex-husband, she went on to say "there are plans but if I give away the plans, and someone else is going to steal the idea, as has happened in the past."

Those that caught the shade will know she's referring to the time Mottola stole one of her ideas to sample the song 'Firecracker' for her 'Glitter' lead single 'Loverboy.' At that point, she'd dissolved her professional relationship with Columbia (Columbia falls under the Sony umbrella and Mottola was the head of Sony back then). Jennifer Lopez, who was signed by Mottola, had began recording material for her album, 'J.Lo.'

It was confirmed by Irv Gotti that Mottola knew of his ex-wife's usage of the 'Firecracker' sample, and attempted to have J.Lo use the same sample before her. This was also confirmed by music publishers for 'Firecracker.' They admitted Mariah had licensed usage of the sample first, and J.Lo's team had signed for it over one month later, under Mottola's orders. As a result of this, Mariah was not able to use the original sample, because her 'Glitter' album came much later than J.Lo's (the 'Firecracker' sample was eventually used for Jennifer's 'I'm Real.'). And after that, Mariah's "I Don't Know Her" memes became a thing.

Anyway, on Wednesday, Mottola took to Instagram to take credit for 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' finally going to number one:
Mottola might have suggested the idea to Mariah to do a Christmas album, but the creation of 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' was ALL Mariah. She wrote it, produced it, sang it.

Mariah's response?
As cordial as Mariah gets. And as much as Mottola wants to joke around and pretend like he didn't set out to sabotage her, the one thing we got from the Q&A is that Mariah never forgets.

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