Mariah Carey's new video, 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' & more.

Milking it until the cows come home
Mariah Carey is officially the new Santa Claus. She finally released the new revamped music video for her #1 hit, 'All I Want For Christmas Is You,' and it was serving Target commercial realness.

The Joseph Kahn-directed visual was practically a joyful, cinematic masterpiece, with that high budget production. The quality, the serving choreo, looks, colours, and her children delivering the cuteness factor! This soooo captured the Christmas spirit. Unless you're a real life Scrooge, how can anyone watch this and not smile? She looked beautiful, and her anti-aging game is something serious. If Mariah manages to keep this song at #1 for the next two weeks, she will be the FIRST and ONLY artist to ever be #1 in four decades, so the point of the video is to achieve this. Get streaming, folks!

Some have even wondered why she didn't re-record the vocals, instead of using the ones from 1994. But it is her 1994 vocals that finally got her to number one after 25 years. And it's not like she does a Britney Spears in her live performances. Britney would lipsync to her 16-year-old self when performing to fans and it's actually kind of weird to see. At least re-record the vocals and lipsync to those to make it look more believable if you must. People pay serious money to attend these residencies. They deserve exclusivity.

Mariah does serve brand new vocals when singing this song live, as seen in her just debuted performance on 'The Late Late Show With James Corden:'
I have never seen Mariah milk a song like this before, never mind a song that is 25-years-old. The determination to keep this song at the top of the charts right into 2020 is real. I mean...
And in case you missed her live Q&A with fans:
(just fast forward to its starting point.)