Rihanna TROLLS fans over R9.

Teases fans once again.
Some of you are seething at Rihanna for teasing her fans about R9. But it's been known that Rihanna likes to take delight in teasing her fans about R9 and it's longstanding absence.

A year ago, she trolled fans with THIS POST. Not to mention, she's done various interviews talking about what's in store for the project. Over the weekend, she caused more emotional distress for those very fans as she trolled them with an update on her album R9.

On Instagram, she posted a video of a dog bopping about in a box, with the caption: “update: me listening to R9 by myself and refusing to release it.” This girl plays too much, it's almost comical. The update isn't that depressing though, because she's pretty much confirming that R9 is almost finished. The dog bopping is her way of expressing excitement about the music. Look, I want new music from her just as much as the next person, but after the poor handling of 'ANTi' almost four years ago, I want the project to get the best roll-out possible. I think Rihanna is going to drop the type of album where the lengthy wait would be worth it. The truth is, Rihanna has never dropped a bad album. She's one of those artists that's very consistent with the music. When the album does eventually come out, no one will even remember all this teasing, and playing around, because the music WILL be fire. Mark my words.