Beyoncé & J.Lo snubbed in Oscar Nominations 2020.

Women and people of colour
Last night saw the announcement of the Oscar Nominations for 2020. Jennifer Lopez was snubbed of a Best Actress in a Supporting Role nomination for 'Hustlers.' 

Beyoncé was snubbed of a Best Original Song nomination for 'Spirit.' J.Lo was widely praised for her role in 'Hustlers' and she was getting a lot of Oscar buzz. Critics are saying she was snubbed for being sexy and others are saying she wasn't worthy of one to begin with. My thoughts on this is that J.Lo did not get snubbed for 'Hustlers.' She got snubbed for 'Selena.' If the academy didn’t award her for having us all think she was actually Selena, despite her being dead, she damn sure wasn’t getting it for playing a stripper.

As for Bey, it would have been nice for her to get a nomination for 'Spirit.' I'm not going to lie, the song was typically soundtrack-y, and I’d much rather she competed for an Oscar with a 'Bond' song than a 'Lion King' one. She should be snaring the best agents to snag her those Oscar bait roles. Another actress that got snubbed was Lupita Nyong'o, and that one has caused much uproar too, but that's a whole other debate.

J.Lo attends the 2020 Los Angeles Critics Association Awards Ceremony on January 11th:

J.Lo attends the 25th annual Critics' Choice Awards in Santa Monica on January 12th: