Lizzo quits social media because of "too many trolls."

She deserves better.
Ever since Lizzo has come onto the scene, she has faced a barrage of online trolls who thought it funny to relentlessly fat shame her.

As a result of this, Lizzo threw up the deuces last night to announce she’s quitting social media due to those very same trolls. I'll be honest and say I don't always agree with her antics. When you constantly strip for the Gram, there will always be trolls ready to pick you apart whether you are thin or on the larger side of the spectrum. I mean, this is what trolls do, and in order to be a public figure, a thicker skin is always required. Gabourey Sidibe gets the worst of it as well. As for the stripping, I always felt it was a facade, making out to the world that she's this larger than life celebrity full of confidence when deep down she was probably only doing it to conceal some of those insecurities. Still, it's sad she is made to feel that way when her motto has always been to uplift people.