Beyoncé looked over it after Golden Globes defeat.

Lost with dignity
Beyoncé went viral after she (and Jay Z) made a surprise (and very late) Golden Globes appearance last night. She actually trended just for showing up!

Apparently, the couple arrived at the awards show with their own bottles of champagne. Meanwhile, her song 'Spirit' (for Disney’s 2019 live action remake of ‘The Lion King’) lost out on Best Original Song, to Elton John and Taron Egerton’s Rocketman duet '(I’m Gonna) Love Me Again.' She probably asked herself why she even bothered to leave the house.

These type of award shows always shun Beyoncé (sans the Grammys.) Then again, could you actually see Sir Elton being shut out over anyone? As much love as Bey gets around these parts, when you're up against a musical prodigy like Sir Elton, there is no competition simply because he is loved MORE. Bey didn't stand a chance. Not that such defeat diminishes her talent. Maybe if Elton wasn't in the category, she might have stood a chance. But then again, she might have been bested by Taylor Swift. Ugh. Losses aside, Bey was making a statement with the dress. She wanted ya'll to know that she is still THE Golden Globe regardless.

Beyoncé’s face looked like she was over it when Sir Elton won the Golden Globe for Best Original Song:
I do believe she was genuinely happy for him but you know the Hive will go around painting narratives making her look evil.

Bey wore a custom made Schiaparelli dress, and accessorized with over 250 carats of diamond drop earrings by Lorraine Schwartz: