So long Mariah, see you next Christmas! (#1 song set to disappear completely off the charts.)

MC's reign comes to an end.
Mariah Carey's 25-year-old festive classic ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ has been shattering records left and right over the last few weeks.

But one record she won't be gleefully tweeting about is the possibility that ‘All I Want For Christmas’ is facing a new record for biggest drop ever. Early projections for next week’s Billboard Hot 100 has just been released and Mariah's song has left the chart completely! I was going down the list and thinking, WTF? Where's Mariah?! How can a number one song just disappear after three consecutive weeks at the top?

Lambs did their job and secured her that record of being the only artist in history to score a #1 single in four separate decades. As a result, Mariah is content.
It no longer matters that ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ won't enjoy a fourth week at the top, because Mariah set out to do exactly what she intended to do. Until 12 months later...