Cheryl is severely criticized after her sperm donor plea.

Cheryl Tweedy made headlines over the weekend when she did an interview announcing her plans to give her son Bear two more siblings via an overseas sperm donor.

Cheryl says she doesn't want a man, and that this is the viable option as she fears (due to her age) that "time is running out." The media personality was married to footballer Ashley Cole from 2006 to 2010. She then married French restaurateur Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini from 2014 until 2016. In 2016, she went public with former One Direction singer Liam Payne and fell pregnant the year after with his son. Fathers4Justice has branded her a 'sperm bandit' and claims she's 'denying kids a dad' by taking this route. As expected, Cheryl was inundated with sperm donor offers.

My take on this? Cheryl had many chances to have children, and now that "time is running out," she is running around like a headless chicken looking for overseas sperm donors. Her co-star Alesha Dixon just had a baby at 40 and had no issues conceiving. Cheryl is an attractive woman. And even if she wasn't, she could still easily have found a man this year (or two years from now) and still get pregnant. I totally get she's one of those women that wants to be in love before the babies. She feels time will just pass on by if she stays waiting for Mr Right, because chances are Mr Right may never come before her 40th.

Here is my issue with the sperm donor route (now a celeb trend); I don't doubt the kids would be loved, and with her wealth, those kids would want for nothing. The single mum life is extremely common and always has been. Cheryl is a single mum, so no biggie. But what happens when they grow up and want to know their paternal roots? That bit of curiousity will be burning in the back of their heads no matter how much they try to block it out. They might even feel downcast once they find out their existence was down to some random sperm donor, all because mommy just couldn't be bothered to find a man. It's her life. She's going to do what she wants. But I'd like to know my children will have the option of knowing where they came from on BOTH sides.