Mariah Carey has the biggest drop from number one in Billboard history.

Breaking records left and right! 
Mariah Carey sets another record (not a good one this time) for the biggest drop on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Her festive classic,  'All I Want For Christmas Is You' is down 100 spots from #1 last week to completely off the chart, unprecedented in the history of 62 years of Billboard. OMG. Mariah keeps breaking records, but this is one record she won't be gleeful about. She's even erased The Weeknd’s record for biggest drop from number one. I don't think Mariah is crying into her glass of wine right now (and she loves a glass of wine every now and then), because she had a very good Christmas and she was everywhere. And on that note, we'll be seeing Ms. Carey in 11 months when this mist of irrelevancy is no longer a ting. No, I'm joking. Mariah can never be irrelevant in my book.