Britney Spears burnt down her personal gym.

Britney Spears casually and nonchalantly confesses in a new Instagram video that she accidentally burnt down her home gym, with candles!

This occurred six months ago, which is why she hasn't been using it, but no one was hurt. I don't know why this story tickles me, but it just does. Using the same platform, she reveals she's been missing her boyfriend Sam Asghari so much while in quarantine that she's actually lost weight. Aw, po Britney is missing that Persian dack. Can you imagine the amount of sex they'll be having once lock down is over?


Kenric said...

That was funny. Im glad her face fillers are wearing off and she got that Britney face again. Especially in the new pics, looking great!

Toya said...

She looks better but needs to lay off that smoky eyeliner.

Jrocka said...

Lol I love my MENT queen...she’s looking like herself again and we know sis love the raccoon eyeliner mess