Brandy's new single 'Baby Mama' (ft. Chance The Rapper) ♫♫

'Baby Mama' is not considered a positive term at all (babies born out of wedlock, single moms, etc.) Some would even consider it tacky and ghetto. Brandy's new song is precisely titled that, and arrives one week ahead of Mother's Day.

The cut was produced by Hit-Boy and the video is set to debut on Monday. Negative stereotypes aside (and let's not forget, lol), Brandy can be forgiven for turning this into a positive. The song is a grower, the vocals are on point and her daughter is the positive inspiration behind it. Take a listen below, and feel free to share your thoughts.


Quinnquinn said...

Sad to say but I don’t like it I feel she could’ve came harder for a first single

Toya said...

I didn't like it at first. It had to grow on me. Could she have come harder? Absolutely. But I'm just happy we're getting some new music, and hopefully we will get an album packed with gems.