Britney Spears releases 'Glory' castaway 'Mood Ring' to all streaming services ♫♫

Due to #JusticeForGlory, Britney Spears has released her 'Glory' Japanese bonus track, 'Mood Ring,' on all streaming platforms. 

They’ve questioningly added “(By Demand)” to the title, and this serves as her first music release in four years. Not to sound ungrateful, but I would have preferred an unreleased song brand new to the ears as opposed to a song we already listened to four years ago. It might even be repackaged as part of the rumoured platinum edition of 'Glory.' Anyway, I'm glad the DJ Mustard-produced cut is finally gaining some traction. 


Chris said...

Leave it up to Britney to crack the top 10 with a 4 year old song!

I'm so glad pop girls are dominating the charts again! congrats to Gaga, Ariana and Britney! This song is really good!