JoJo for Savage x Fenty...

As much as I love JoJo, it needs to be said that Breonna Taylor's name does not belong on a lingerie ad with the words "crotchless panties." 

It's easy to see why some people would deem it tasteless. Promote the product if you must, but put the politics to one side. That said, congrats to her on that Savage X ambassadorship. Seems everyone is in Rihanna's pocket these days.

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Anonymous said...

With all do respect, JoJo has been posting non stop about the Black Lives Matter movement without shameless plugs & has been putting in the work to fight for total equality as well as advocating for white people to examine and educate themselves on white privilege way before alot of these upper class A Lister realized it was safe to commit and use their voice for a just cause. This one post does not take the class that she has always continue to effortlessly display, and her point was (with social media justice warriors afoot at all times) just because she's posting work related post again, it does not mean she is done with the movement or using her platform to help further the progress of civil rights. People need to stop instigating pointless trouble and stirring non-existent pots, and keep this energy for the the real enemy and the point of all that they care about.

Toya said...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with her doing work related posts again... never mind.

Unknown said...

'People' need to stop telling other 'people' how to feel !
Thanks as always Queen Toya. X

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