Sunday, 14 June 2020

Teyana Taylor announces pregnancy in 'Wake Up Love' video...

Teyana Taylor reveals second pregnancy (another daughter) in her latest video 'Wake Up Love' featuring her husband Iman Shumpert

The cut serves as the latest release from Teyana’s upcoming project 'The Album.' Tey confirms she is six months pregnant. A marriage rocked by threesomes, cheating rumours, etcetera, seemed it was veered into a path of doomsdom. But more recently, we've seen the expecting couple embrace happier times. Congrats!



mimi said...

I am not hating by all means but I am afraid you don't know the meaning of "vice versa" :( "rocked by cheating rumours and vice versa" doesn't make any sense :(

Toya said...

Innocent typo hun. The correct word I was looking for was etcetera. It's been a long day and I'm not perfect, but thank you.

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