Doja Cat had the best performance at 2020 VMAs...

I know she still remains on many people's sh*t lists, but Doja Cat's performance of 'Say So' and 'Like That' at the 2020 VMAs was all sorts of awesome. Cancel Culture has been rife lately, but can be momentarily forgotten about right?!

She danced and did the best job with the intergalactic theme (sorry Gaga), glowy coochie and all. No faults spotted.

I'll say she looked beautiful on the red carpet or whatever colour it is these days.


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SuxMyCockiness said...

It had a cute set, but I thought Chloe x Halie had the best performance of the night. They were pre-show but they SLAYED!

divatude24 said...

Wow this blog really fell off, all that rihanna stanning couldnt save you. Doja is a terrible performer and it looked like a black person taught her some choreo right before hitting the stage

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