Lady Gaga performs with Ariana Grande at 2020 VMAs...

Lady Gaga performed ‘911,’ ‘Stupid Love,’ and ‘Rain On Me’ with Ariana Grande at the 2020 VMAs. The performance looked like an intergalactic fantasy from a music video. It wasn't groundbreaking but at least she opted to rerecord 'live' vocals (as did Ariana), when she could easily have ripped vocals from the CD and blame Covid-19.

Organisers made it seem like everything was happening live from New York when, in fact, all the performances were pre-recorded and shot in-studio on a green screen in Los Angeles.

Gaga was the most awarded artist of the night with 5 wins.
She was honoured with being the first-ever recipient of the MTV TRICON Award (wait, is this suppose to replace the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award?). Also taking home Artist Of The Year, she won gongs for Song Of The Year, Best Collaboration and Best Cinematography for Rain On Me with Ariana.

I also thought it was great she was spreading mask awareness throughout the entire night.
She wasn't being extra. She was making a statement.
At times, it got a bit cringe with the fake cheering and clapping because in hindsight there was no audience and we knew that... they probably should have just cancelled the event to next year because nothing beats the REAL full experience.

Still... congrats to Gaga on all her wins!