Watch: Brandy & Monica break the #Verzuz Instagram record with 6 MILLION viewers!

We love it when two R&B legends come together. And this Verzuz battle between Brandy and Monica last night meant so much to me, because I grew up on their music in the 90s.

My high school days was plagued by their music, and served up so many great memories.  They broke the Verzuz  Instagram record with over 1 million viewers and kept over 1 million people on Instagram for THREE straight hours (the broadcast peaked at 1.2 million). In total, the battle attracted 6 MILLION total views (Instagram, Apple music and YouTube) and was the most tweeted about Verzuz to date.

The battle attracted the biggest elites in Hollywood, music and politics... from Michelle Obama, Kamala Harris, and Joe Biden, to all the big urban producers Babyface, Jermaine Dupri, Teddy Riley, Bryan-Michael Cox, Johntá Austin and Missy Elliott. And then you had all the major singers up in there like Mariah Carey, Adele, Solange, JoJo, Keri Hilson, Kelly Rowland, Ashanti, Keyshia Cole, Letoya Luckett, Aubrey 'O Day and many many more!

For THREE straight hours they were just vibing to their catalog! You love to see it! And yes I was up from 1am in the morning right up until 4am watching the entire thing, because these legends were worth it!

If you missed it, watch the entire 3 hour battle below!


Lauryn said...

I loved the music, but it lacked energy and chemistry between them. I was hoping on more from them. Brandy tried to keep it lively, but Monica was not even trying.

I've been #teamMo but she let me down here. Not music wise, but she just sat in her chair and showed no personality at all. Except for checking h0es...

I told my friends don't watch it, you can just listen, cause nothing happens for 3 hours.

Toya said...

I disagree, Lauren. I love Brandy but I thought at times she came across as rather passive aggressive and would disguise it with laughter. Case in point, when she demanded Monica apologise to her daughter for using the word 'hoe,' because I'm sure her ADULT daughter has heard much worse and the word 'hoe' is not even considered profanity. She clearly feels Monica is ghetto and needed to rein it in. Brandy is very media conscious (always has been) and this definitely showed last night. She tried to police Monica on several occasions, but Monica is one of those people who like to keep it real. She is not going to go on camera in front of over a million people and be fake or allow herself to be censored regardless of who was watching.

Lauryn said...

I get what you're saying about B being passive agressive. She tried to check Mo a few times.

Brandy was singing along and dancing, but Mo just sat there. Overall it's clear they haven't worked out their issues at all and Monica didn't want to be there.

Monica told E! A few days ago that they both agreed in the past to never talk about the real reason they argued. Mo wanted a sit down before the show so they could discuss what they would reveal. I guess Brandy didn't want to.

There’s more to this story and I hope we get to know one day. If only they would write a book like Mariah.

Toya said...

Brandy would never write a book lol. But if they did, I'd be first in line to buy it. Mariah's book can't come quick enough.

Mymy said...

I mean they are not friends. They are cool but not friends. I think ppl want them to be besties and that is not going happen. They have known each other for years

Lauryn said...

@Toya, she would write a poetry book, lol!

@Mymy, I don't expect them to be besties. But they could've had some fun, sing along or anything. This was just not entertaining to watch. Brandy at least tried to sing along (even to Monica's songs) but this was blah. It was ackward and really fake at times. They looked to have more fun once the live was over.

nil said...

I caught a weird akward vibe too but the weirdest part to me was them ‘performing” TBIM , but hearing those songs again was da bomb. And I would pay some good money for a joint tour ticket! They don’t even have to sing together😂