Aubrey O'Day slams latest paparazzi pics as “click bait.”

Aubrey O'Day posted this photo of herself holding up a piece of paper. It reads, “It is Aug. 31, 2020 9pm. I’m Aubrey O’Day. This is degrading!” That was yesterday, prior to new photos surfacing on Daily Mail showing a completely unrecognizable Aubrey walking her dogs in Palm Springs, CA recently.

Since the publishing of those images, Aubrey has taken to Twitter slamming the paparazzi pics as “click bait.”

She is now receiving backlash for drastically altering her Instagram pics. Fat shaming is never cool. I know I've put on a few during lock down and so many people have found living through this pandemic a massive struggle. If Chadwick's passing has taught me anything it is that you honestly never know what someone is going through. When you see someone and their physical appearance looks drastically different from what you're use to seeing, there is always more to the story. Always remember to be kind. Always be considerate to other people's feelings.