Monica performs 'Trenches,' & hits medley at 2020 Soul Train Awards.

'Before You Walk Out Of My Life' is timeless. Music was soooo good back in the 90s. 

Monica even brought back her debut era hairstyle completing her full journey into memory lane! Mo has one of the best voices in the game, and when that mic is on, it’s ON! She was serving a little something though she "just" sings. Her vocals were sublime, but she could have left 'Trenches' at home, respectfully. 

Mo performs a medley of her classics including 'Before You Walk Out of My Life,' 'Angel of Mine,' 'So Gone' and 'Everything to Me' at the Soul Train Awards 2020.
New single, 'Trenches' was also performed.

The R&B veteran recieved her due diligence as the Lady of Soul Recipient!


Anonymous said...

Omg she did incredible, her voice was immaculate. She was the best to me, I love the others but eric benet said it best that a performance can somewhat be ruined with all the extra runs and riffs. Monica served an elegant performance, sounded like THE vocal goddess and looked like the child of whitney and anita baker. Her FIRST soul train award and it was the highest honor, WELL DESERVED. Everytime I see her it makes me miss individuality in r&B! Congrats Monica!

Scoopz said...

She was decent. Shes a solid singer. The problem with this performance was that she lowered the key of her songs across the board which reduced the dynamics and made for a flat almost monotone vocal performance. The limited range she did sing in was delivered well however