Lizzo hits back at criticism for promoting detox/fad diets.

Body positivity activist Lizzo has defended herself after mass criticism for promoting a 10-day smoothie detox on TikTok. 

More interestingly, she never specifically said she was doing the detox to lose weight. There are slim people in my family that detox. People detox for all sorts of reasons. Food poisoning being one of them, and I believe this was Lizzo's case as explained in her Instagram Stories. 

Fat folks wanting to cancel her, just for trying to be healthier is insane. "Every big girl should do whatever the f*ck they want with their bodies..." she says in the clip. Diet culture is horrific, but people should do what's best FOR THEM. They should do whatever is necessary to lose weight if their obesity is putting them at risk. A 10-day detox is challenging, but not life threatening. I've even done it myself a few times, and I was surging with energy by the end of it! 

The main people that are mad at her are the same overweight women who were also mad at Adele for losing all that weight, because they felt betrayed. Sadly, women like Lizzo and Adele were giving these overweight ladies the confidence they needed to remain fat. 

I didn't see this same energy for
supermodel Naomi Campbell when she once revealed in an interview that she only eats one meal a day to maintain her modelesque lean physique. Maybe because everyone knows it's the norm for a supermodel to starve themselves? Lizzo is just choosing to do what's best for her health, and should continue to do so without all the vitriol. Let this girl live. Anyway, 
Lizzo took to her Instagram Stories to deny doing detox diet to lose weight. She did it because she ate some food that messed up her stomach, and she wanted to get back on track. 

Check out her clarification below: