Christina Aguilera performs on Seth Meyers; over-sings as usual.

Musical guest Christina Aguilera took to the stage to perform 'The Christmas Song' for Late Night with Seth Meyers.

She was walking down them stairs like she was about to give the best vocal performance of her life. But didn't.  Unfortunately, there wasn't much connection, feelings or attachment to the festive jazzy number, which features on her 2000 Christmas album, ‘My Kind of Christmas.’ 

Sometimes less is more, and over-singing every single note is unnecessary. No need for the excessive vocal theatrics. Just sing it straight, dear. We know you can sing. 
On another note, this woman turns 40 in 3 days and has barely aged. She just needs to ease up on the lip fillers, and her old face would then be in tact.


Anonymous said...

My god, no wonder why no one reads ur blog anymore. Ur judgemental article on someone's physical appearance is disgusting.

Toya said...

Just stating the obvious, hun. :/