Alicia Keys becomes the scapegoat for BBC's lower NYE ratings.

reported 3.8 million turned off after Alicia Keys kicked off her concert live from LA during the BBC's New Year's Eve celebrations to see out 2020. 

The countdown managed to bring in 10.8 million viewers compared to 2019’s celebrations which raked in 11.2 million when UK artist Craig David was the headliner. 

The year 2018 had a peak of 13.3 million people. The BBC certainly didn't benefit from people being forced to stay home under tier 4 restrictions, which should have at least given ratings a boost. According to Brits, they wanted to see their own UK act take the stage. They thought it was a massive snub to all the existing UK talent when AK was sounding very out of tune that night. 

Folks were like, "Why is she singing about New York for New Year in ENGLAND?" If
Adele was the host and had sang these same lyrics off a catalogue containing some of her biggest hits, would folks still have had an issue? Or would they have found something else to complain about? Makes you wonder.


Lil-unique1 said...

It was a bit odd they didn't choose someone from the UK, that said its mainly white people complaining because it was someone black singing inspired music. To be fair, without an audience, it was also tough to keep up momentum and energy