Beyoncé's latest Icy Park promo sparks debate on C-section scars...

Over the weekend, Beyoncé unveiled a new Adidas x Ivy Park promo for her latest Icy Park campaign. The photo inspired an entire debate about C-sections. In the pic, Bey is all in pink, and her stomach seemingly shows some sort of vertical scar. 

It prompted many to praise Beyoncé for making the empowering statement of not airbrushing the scar out of the pic after having twins. It is well known that she had to have an emergency C-section following some difficulties during their births. 

Realistically, a C-section scar is actually closer to the bikini line. It is always below the belly button and not so high up, even if it were a classical cut. Others suspected it could be another surgical scar (not necessarily a C-section scar) or her linea nigra which she chose not to airbrush. The discussions got so out of hand it caused her publicist Yvette Noel-Schure to go on Instagram Stories to say it is actually a body chain. 

We all know Bey loves herself a body chain. She practically invented them. Whether it's a scar or not it’s okay ya'll. She’s still Beyoncé. She’s still beautiful and most importantly, she's still amazing at what she does.


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Canucks said...

C section is not vertical an its below the navel

MDVAStudent said...

Not all c section scars are horizontal, some are vertical

Unknown said...

c sections can be vertical

Dee said...

As a physician, in an emergency, the incision can be made vertically.

JStar said...

emergency c sections can definitley be vertical and she was having twins which i think would increase the likelihood that it was necessary

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